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  1. 2023 in review

    This was a year full of new releases and a bunch of exposure in public places. Let's look at the numbers and see how much time you've spent here. We're also looking at the plans for next year because it's going to be pretty special.

  2. Is space allowed around the slash in CSS font shorthand?

    Everywhere in CSS we see space around the / symbol, but not for the font shorthand. What's up with that?

  3. A new online CSS minifier

    We all need that quick online CSS minifier every once in a while, so new we have our own.

  4. Wallace in the news

    Excitement all around as Project Wallace is featured in the State of CSS survey, mentioned on and helped improve Polypane's devtools!

  5. CSS @imports are awesome

    CSS imports have been popping up a lot lately for me so I thought it's time to have a deeper look a t them. Was not disappointed!

  6. CSS Day 2023 takeaways

    CSS Day 2023 was once again an amazing conference! So many new things coming to means that we need to look at them for this website too.

  7. Building a lightweight CSS formatter

    After using Prettier for a while it became apparent that both speed and bundle size were slowing down the CSS auditing process, so it's time to build a faster alternative.

  8. Making Analyze CSS render 6 times faster

    A deep-dive in how the Analyze CSS page renders 6 times faster by applying 2 basic principles.

  9. A deep dive into the CSS of

    Let's have a look at the interesting parts of analyzing

  10. What's new in Project Wallace: January 2023

    It's been a pretty busy month with lots of fixes and new features.

  11. 2022 in review

    2022 was a good year in many ways for Project Wallace. New features, in-depth blog posts and a steady stream of new CSS enthusiasts.

  12. A new online CSS prettifier

    There's a lot of places on the web already where you can prettify your CSS already, but here's why Project Wallace now also has it's own prettifier.

  13. CSS complexity: it's complicated

    There's lots of places in CSS to have complexity, but we tend to focus on selectors most of the time. Let's have a look at other places too.

  14. New: CSS Code Quality analyzer

    It's like Lighthouse, but for CSS specifically.

  15. 2021 review in numbers

    First day of a new year! Let's have a look at some numbers from of 2021.

  16. CSS Analyzer v5 released

    The core of everything that powers Project Wallace just got a big upgrade. And it's pretty good!

  17. New Online CSS Analyzer

    Project Wallace's online CSS analyzer got a facelift!

  18. Writing docs

    Documentation for all Project Wallace's metrics is absent, and I'm currently working to bring them up to speed.

  19. How Project Wallace extracts all CSS from any webpage

    Extracting all CSS from a webpage involves more work than you might expect. Here's how Project Wallace does it.

  20. CSS Analytics in Chrome DevTools

    The people at Chrome DevTools are joining the CSS Analytics game!

  21. Sorting CSS <time> values

    Support for analyzing CSS animations and transitions was added recently, but to display that nicely, animation-durations need to be sorted. Let's dive into sorting time.

  22. Analyzing CSS animations

    Project Wallace now supports analysis of CSS animation and transition durations and timing functions.

  23. Counting Lines of Code in CSS

    Project Wallace introduces Lines Of Code for CSS. Compare projects or files based on the amount of lines of code, instead of file size or guesswork.

  24. Integrating Constyble into your build process

    Integrating Constyble into your build process will help you automate complexity testing for CSS. This post explains how to do that.

  25. Privacy by default

    A recent REWORK podcast episode triggered me thinking about user privacy and this post explains how we deal with privacy.

  26. The CSS Tricks 2019 redesign in numbers

    CSS Tricks got a fresh coat of paint and boy, does it look good! But what exactly changes in CSS statistics after such a big redesign?

  27. Detecting color aliases

    Color aliases accidentally slip into your codebase and now you have multiple notations for the same color. Great, now what?

  28. Sorting colors in CSS

    Sorting colors in CSS is hard. I've found a method to make it look pretty decent

  29. Introducing Gromit

    Gromit is a tool that runs in your builds and checks if the stats do not exceed any tresholds that you have set.

  30. New feature: empty rulesets analysis

    It is a tiny new feature, but starting now you can analyze how many empty rulesets your CSS contains.

  31. css-analyzer is now on NPM!

    You can install css-analyzer via NPM now!

  32. @font-face descriptors are not properties

    Sometimes there are less properties reported than you are expecting. Here is why.

  33. Project Wallace CSS Analyzer is now on PostCSS

    We've switched to PostCSS for generating the AST for our analysis, and did some other fixes under the hood too.

  34. The PHP CSS project that was released. And abandoned right away.

    Today marks the point where a new PHP CSS parsing/analyzing library is released publicly. And abandoned immediately.

  35. New libraries released!

    Two new libraries were released that will contribute to a better and faster API to power the Project Wallace website.

  36. *Tap, tap.* Is this thing on?

    The project is coming to a stage where everyone can test it, but a fair warning: it is still unstable!