Sorting CSS <time> values

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In the previous blog post I announced that Project Wallace now supports analysis of animation-duration and transition-duration. One of the neat things about Project Wallace is that it always shows all your values sorted in a sensible way. For example, font-sizes are sorted from small to large, colors are sorted by hue, etc. So it only makes sense to sort CSS from short to long. Enter css-time-sort.

The functional requirements

  • Sort durations from short to long
  • If a ms value is the same as a s value, sort the ms value first
  • Be able to sort an array of ['1s', '200ms'] with the native .sort() method

With this relatively simple piece of code it’s possible to sort an array of CSS durations like so:

const { sortFn } = require('css-time-sort')
const sorted = ['1s', '200ms'].sort(sortFn)

// => ['200ms', '1s']

Check out the source code on GitHub.

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