Prettify CSS

About this CSS prettifier

  • This prettifier is powered by @projectwallace/format-css. These are the formatting rules:

    1. Every AtRule starts on a new line
    2. Every Rule starts on a new line
    3. Every Selector starts on a new line
    4. A comma is placed after every Selector that’s not the last in the SelectorList
    5. Every Block is indented with 1 tab more than the previous indentation level
    6. Every Declaration starts on a new line
    7. Every Declaration ends with a semicolon (;)
    8. An empty line is placed after a Block, unless it’s the last in the surrounding Block
    9. Multiline tokens like Selectors, Values, etc. are rendered on a single line
    10. Unknown syntax is rendered as-is, with multi-line formatting kept intact
  • Formatting happens only on your computer, no code is sent to our servers.
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