Next gen analyzer that keeps track of your CSS over time.

Project Wallace is an analyzer that tracks your CSS so you can view changes in your complexity, Design Tokens and much more. And all of that in a single web app.

Example project dashboard

How it works

You can integrate with Project Wallace pretty deeply, but some steps are optional to keep it simple for anyone to start analyzing their CSS.

  1. Create a project

    Well, first sign up for free, but then create a project. It’s, like, 4 clicks in total.

  2. Preview changes (optional)

    Use our GitHub Action to preview your CSS stats changes on every Pull Request you make. Spot mistakes early on and feel like a true wizard.

  3. Push your CSS

    Smash a button on the website or push CSS via a GitHub Action or webhook: we’ll process the new and shiny for you to look at.

  4. Analyze

    With the new CSS arrived, we’ll show you what changed since the last push.

Design System friendly

Your Design System team will love it

Wallace encourages you to reduce the amount of colors, shadows and typography choices. Consistency is key for well-engineered Design Systems.

  1. Colors

    Keep your colors in check. Get rid of that slightly off brand color.

  2. Font-sizes

    Make typography consistent by spotting all unnecessary font-sizes.

  3. Animations

    Animations are cool, but make sure your timing functions are all approved!

  4. Typefaces

    That paragraph in the footer looks odd. Wallace tells you why.

Example project color tokens

CSS complexity

The backend team will envy your stats

Gone are the days where only backend developers had their complex static analysis of code. With the power of Project Wallace you can tell anything and everything about your CSS. Wallace helps you spot hard to maintain pieces of code and shows you when you are improving.

Example project graphs

Framework agnostic

One CSS analyzer to rule them all

Whatever the framework you use, no matter if it’s CSS-in-JS, Sass, Bootstrap or plain old hand-written CSS: as long as it's on the web, Wallace can analyze it.

Example project punchcard