CSS Analytics

Analyze your CSS and keep track of changes in complexity and branding. Share your statistics with everyone in your team and get conversations going.

Inspect complexity, branding and performance

How complex is your CSS? You can tell by looking at the dashboard. See how much more complex your selectors have become, how many !importants are used and how many browser hacks are hidden in your code. Look at the beautiful color graphs and font-size lists and quicky find out whether you are actually meeting your styleguide requirements. And quickly spot performance bottlenecks by identifying unwanted @font-faces and @imports .

Analyze CSS now

Track changes to CSS

Browse through the commits of your project to see every change applied like a git commit. Every commit contains all changes between the old and the new analytics of your CSS. Looking at the diff tells you what colors have been added and how much the selector complexity has dropped. And all the other stats of course.

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Automate CSS analysis

Automate the process of analyzing and linting your CSS complexity. Project Wallace can be setup to push CSS to our servers automatically or you can hit that commit button manually.

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