A new online CSS prettifier

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It’s one of those common tasks that you do when auditing CSS: making minified CSS readable, to easily navigate it. There are so many existing websites out there that do this, so it may come as a surprise that you now can prettify CSS online at Project Wallace too. But the reason for this is simple: ProjectWallace.com is a place where developers can inspect and learn about their CSS, so apart from all the metrics that we generate we also make a human-readable version of your CSS for you. This means you don’t have to jump to another site to do this exact task, meaning you can complete your task faster. And that’s what you came here for. To get a job done.

For now, the prettifier is a standalone page, but perhaps we’ll eventually add ‘prettify CSS’ buttons to other pages as well, like the Analyze CSS or CSS Code Quality pages.

This online CSS prettifier is powered by Prettier and runs in your browser, so our servers never see that CSS.

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