You should sponsor Project Wallace.

Running a popular CSS website involves a lot of work and even a bit of money.

Funding goal

$35 per month - (28.6% complete)

Reaching this monthly goal will mean that most costs for hosting will be covered: Vercel Hosting ($20); Fathom Analytics ($14); Domain name ($1.50);
Sponsor @bartveneman

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  1. $3 a month

    ☕️ Buy me a coffee

    Your donation allows me to buy a good cup of coffee. Luckily coffee isn't too expensive here, and your support will help me take a break once in a while, getting my thoughts straight to start tackling that Next Big Thing.

  2. $6 a month

    😇 Support day-to-day operations

    With your support I can pay for the monthly costs of owning a domain name, web hosting services, email services, error logs, databases, ... Knowing that you have my back is going to help me sleep at night. Getting ready for a new day with new node_modules!

  3. $20 a month

    The price for hosting for one month. This makes sure that:

    • The website actually keeps running
    • You can enter your URL in the analyze-css/get-css/css-code-quality and it scrapes that URL to look for all the CSS
    • The GitHub Action for previewing your CSS changes keeps working
  4. $35 a month

    You'll pay for keeping online for a month! You'll do the CSS community a huge favor.

    • ✅ Serving ~1,200 users
    • ✅ Generating 3,000+ pageviews
    • ✅ Generating 1,100+ CSS complexity/quality reports

Monthly costs

  • Fathom analytics - $14.00

    We use Fathom to keep an eye on general website usage. This helps us to measure a whole list of things, like engagement and uptime, without collecting personal information or harming our users’ privacy.

    • See which pages are visited.
    • Track usage of how many times a URL is analyzed (because this costs money and we need to keep our hosting provider in check)
    • Check that all pages actually still work. Despite having several end-to-end tests in place for most functionality, it is possible that we’ll break a thing from time to time.
  • Vercel - $20.00

    Our website is hosted by Vercel. They take care of building it, generating preview environments and of course running the production environment.

  • Domain name - $1.50

    It’s not much, but a domain name is the most important thing to help you find this website!

If you are looking for other ways to show your support, there are other ways to sponsor me .